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People never really stop learning and in the end we're all curious by nature.

When I was young I adored the Horrible Histories series. I hid behind cushions when watching Jurassic Park but greedily devoured all the information I could about dinosaurs, and I filled my head with the wonders of the solar system. As a kid, curiosity is a joy that we take for granted and you've got a lot of time to indulge in it as you grow.
When I was older I was lucky enough to find a love of social and cultural history and to follow it to a Master's level. But no one can stay at school forever and soon enough I shuffled out into the busy 'real world'. Without a chance to practice history formally any more, but still finding myself full of questions, I started this blog to share some of the topics and queries that keep the spark of my curiosity burning.

Like what, you ask?

Preludes updates every Sunday. I try to keep things varied and interesting. Typically you can find:

But you know what? We're always growing.
 At the end of the day, I'm a gal in her mid 20s in the UK and what I write about will always be influenced by this. There's no way I can even begin to touch on all of the interesting topics out there. Which is why it mean so much if you get in touch here in the comments. Let me know what you think about the topics and what your experiences are from your side of the world. Most importantly, let us all know what is fascinating for you. If you have something that you're burning to share with the world why not even team up and contribute in a guest post?

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