Smiling Victorians

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I'd like to share a website and a few posts that I've found floating around the 'net that are sure to warm any historian's heart: Smiling Victorians.

Due to the long exposure of cameras in 'ye olden days', many early photos that we have left behind naturally depict serious straight backed individuals. Mix this with the general popular image of Victorians as god-fearing, ankle-covering, kill-joys and it's easy to assume that our ancestors were all quite grim and alien.

But true history, or at least my sort of history, is about finding the humanity of the past, and so I was delighted when I found these more relaxed photos. I hope you enjoy them too.

Many thanks to Smiling Victorians on Retronaut and NearMercury on Tumblr for sharing these gems.

Fun fact: The man in the white suit in the first few pictures is Tsar Nicholas II

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