Preludes reccommends: Vsauce

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I tend to watch a lot of Youtube while I eat breakfast.

One drawback is that it ends up with a lot of milk splashed about on my ipad, because apparently I have the motor control of a toddler. But you'd be surprised how much you can learn between crunches of cornflakes, especially from a website famous for its cat videos.
One of the jewels in youtube's educational crown is the fantastic Vsauce.

Created by Michael Stevens, the show aims to show what makes our world amazing by following our natural curiosity. Through seemingly silly questions like 'is the five second rule true?', 'How much does a shadow weigh?' and 'What if everyone jumped at once?', Vsauce create an avenue to lead us into fascinating scientific discoveries in a delightfully accessible way.
It doesn't just begin and end at science. Giving us permission to question with childlike wonder, Vsauce also take us into the territory of psychology and philosophy with such videos as - one of my favourites - 'Why are things Creepy?'...

...And, it's natural antidote: Why are things cute?

There's not an awful lot I can say but encourage you to watch them. They serve as an inspiration for the spirit of this blog and the spirit I think that we should all take into life.
You'll certainly not have a boring breakfast again.

Some More Great Vsauce Videos

What's the brightest thing in the universe? 
What does human taste like?
Why is your bottom in the middle?
Moving Illusions
Why are bad words bad?

Last words
Why do we clap?
Why do we get bored?
Are we ready for aliens?
Why do we feel nostalgia?
What if you were born in space?
Why do we kiss?

And, of course, many more.

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