The pre-Christmas cop-out

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Hello dear readers, I hope you're all well.

Alas I've fallen subject to the classic Pre-Chrismas Frenzy. The kind of shopping panic that sets in just before December when your subconcious is filled to the brim with the new tide of Christmas adverts and you convince yourself that, as soon as December hits, "CHRISTMAS IS TOTALLY TOMORROW, YOU ARE NOT READY, THIS IS NOT A DRILL, ARGH!".

Of course, Christmas is not hiding in the bushes, ready to strike. It's miles away.
But, nevertheless, that's how my brain works. After emerging from a sea of wrapping paper, head throbbing from the insanity of the shopping centre of doom, I realise that I haven't left myself enough time to get a good post for your all this week.

A million apologies, and fear not. I'll have something awesome in stall for you very soon. 

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  1. I ventured out, briefly, to pick up a book or two (which I'm enjoying, cheers for the suggestion!) and spent the afternoon regretting it. And we're still a good month out. D: