Military Kits and Uniforms Throughout History: 1066-2014

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A lot can change in almost 1,000 years, but there is always a comforting familiarity about the lives of people throughout history.

 A photographic survey of military uniforms throughout history brings this to light by using the trendy fashion-blogger presentation of laying it all out neatly for us. In doing so the clothes take on their own aesthetic that we seldom appreciate when we see these pieces in museums.
As time goes on and warfare changes the kit grows along with the growing complexity of more and more modern technology.

I've never been a huge military history fan, but for me this is an emotive set of pictures. By laying everything out ready for dressing you can feel the presence of the man behind the clothes taking stock of his life.

Make sure to check out the Daily Telegraph article for detailed descriptions of each item in the kit. For more detailed descriptions of the individual soliders of each period, check out the photographer Thom Atkinson's comments in the 'Inventories of war' article.


-Pinterest (via 9gag)
- The Daily Telegraph full article
-'Inventories of War'
-Photos by Thom Atkinson
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