Via The Public Domain Review: 'Cat Pianos, Sound-houses and Other imaginary musical Instruments'

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People have always been a little weird.

Often creativity and madness are pretty closely entwined. Today I wanted to let someone else do the

talking and encourage you to head across to The Public Domain Review and their article on some of the most bizarre and creative musical instruments in the human imagination. Perhaps the most infamous of which is the Cat Piano where a line of cats are set up on a piano where, as you pick each piano key, a sharp point is brought down on the cats' tails, making each of them yowl, apparently with increasing tunefulness. While it's unlikely to have ever been actually built and is most certainly unethical, it's certainly...creative.

While you're over there also make sure to check out the good work that the public domain review are doing. So often curious souls are pretty frustrated by the often pricey restrictions on interesting academic journals and historic sources.
The Public Domain review collects and writes articles about series of sources and classic works of art that have all fallen outside of copyright and are free to enjoy, usually focusing on the surprising, strange and the beautiful. Check out their collections, essays, the curator's choices and even animated gifs. If you like what you see make sure to show some love either through the shop or by supporting them with donations.


*'Cat Pianos, Sound-houses and Other imaginary musical Instruments'
*Cat Piano Picture
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