Checking In: What Would YOU Like to See Out of Preludes?

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Hi ladies and gents, I hope you've got your thinking caps on, because I'm about to pick your brains...

Preludes has been running for a while now, since the very first article 'Why Do We Pierce Our Ears?' back in December 2013. I've always used this blog as a place to write about the curious little nuggets of history, science and culture that interest me and I love rooting out new subjects to share with anyone who'll stop a while and have a read. I try to make things as interesting and approachable as possible for my audience, and I'm always thrilled whenever anyone stops by and takes the time to comment.

But you know how it is on the 'net, so often it's a lonely little job and it can feel like you're nattering into a void. So today I wanted to break the routine and check in with you guys and ask what you'd like to see in the future as Preludes continues to grow?

Any ideas are always welcome, but what i'm most curious about are how things are working for you now and what might improve things. Do you guys like the theme or are we ready for a shake-up? Would you like to see posts take a more personal leaning (eg in the about me page, or even in a separate blog?), or do you like it being a little more educational in style? Is there anything in particular that doesn't work for you?

Let me know what you think and as ever, thanks for reading ;)

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  1. What I think works best is the rather broad mix of subjects - forgotten warrior-queens of Persia by way of the effects of vaccum on the human body, checking in on headless chickens and elephant ballet on the way. There's always something I might not have heard of, but will usually drag me down a boulevard of weird wikibinging. The blend of topics, the Quite Interesting factor, is what I love about the blog.

    A more educational style? I dunno. I like the informal one you've got now. Makes for easier reading. Or do you mean more in terms of choice of topic?

    Also, yeah, totally do a personal blog. :D If nothing else, it lets you write stuff outside the purview of Preludes.