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When you 'grow up' often a lot of your school-day education gets forgotten.

It's how the brain works, in the end, it doesn't tend to hold onto information that doesn't have a direct application.
 When I was in secondary school I did very well in all three sciences (ie I scored good grades) but I was never really scientifically minded at all. Really, the good marks were more testament to a talent to approaching exams and coursework in the right way rather than scientific intelligence. I have always been interested in how things worked of course, but at the time I was blinkered in science lessons away from how what they were teaching us (all tables and formulae) actually served to make the world tick. I saw no beauty in it.
Now, as an adult, that curiosity has come back, as has an appreciation for what science acrtually is and does. And it frustrates me no end that iIve forgotten so much of what I was taught as a kid in such detail.

Enter PBS Spacetime.

PBS Spacetime is a brilliant Youtube channel that takes astronomical science and makes it acessible but in a very detailed way. Unlike some other youtube channels there is no 'dumbing down' of the science, but they have a talent for keeping the audience engaged and intrigued nevertheless. As a result, they can get into some pretty deep and detailed topics but maintain an open and interactive dialouge with their audience. The hosts are excellent, both being very informed in the subject and clear presenters. It's impossible to leave a PBS Spacetime video without feeling like you have genuinely been taught something valuable.

Some of the topics on offer are:

So if you're curious about space, you could do a lot worse than PBS Spacetime. Check them out!

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