No Man's Sky: Is it Worth a Buy?

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A while ago I went on at length about why you should be curious about the game No Man's Sky..

You can read my article here but basically the exciting thing about No Man's sky was the amazing procedural generation coding they used which allowed them to created a vast game that could generate 18 quintillion planets without any of the lagging and massive hard drive space required of many more traditional procedurally generated games. This generation was tied to a distinctive art style (with a computer that was physically 'taught' colour theory, no less) in order to create infinitely varied beautiful worlds that the player would discover themselves for the first time ever, without anyone else on the planet having seen what they've seen before.
Exciting stuff.

One of the planets i discovered on my playthrough

Now the game has released and we've all had a chance to play it, I've written a review over at 'The Player of Games' blog about the good and bad points of the game, whether it deserves the hate that it seems to be receiving lately, and whether you should fork out the £50 needed to play it.

If you're curious make sure to check it out.

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